Terms and Conditions of MeetingPlaza Distance Conference Service

View the MeetingPlaza Distance Conference Service Terms and Conditions here.

Please read the following information carefully before using the MeetingPlaza Distance Conference Service. ('MeetingPlaza ASP' for short)

1) Please read and understand the Terms and Conditions before applying for the MeetingPlaza ASP .

2) If the initial month of use is less than one full month, the monthly subscription fee will cover the initial month and the subsequent month. (However, the hours of use included in the plan will be for the equivalent of one month.)

3) The minimum agreement period is for one year. The user has the right to terminate the contract or switch to a different service plan within the course of the agreement period, which may incur a termination fee or a service plan change fee.

4) The MeetingPlaza ASP is a Web-based, best-effort service. Circumstances may prevent users from holding conferences or may affect transmission quality.

5) Passwords for conference room administrators and conference URL's should be kept confidential at all times. MeetingPlaza shall bear no responsibility in the event of losses stemming from unauthorized disclosure or theft of a password or conference URL.

6) NTT-IT reserves the right to suspend the service in the event that it is being used in a manner that encroaches upon the copyrights or rights of others, or in a manner that is contrary to public policy and other laws and regulations, or in a manner that entails such a risk.

7) Fees for MeetingPlaza ASP are subject to change.

8) NTT-IT reserves the right to suspend the service at any time. NTT-IT shall bear only those responsibilities prescribed by the Terms and Conditions with respect to damages stemming from suspension of the service, malfunction of MeetingPlaza equipment, software issues, and so forth.

9) Users may evaluate the MeetingPlaza ASP by accessing the free trial conference room. Any individual may access the trial conference room by simply filling out the registration form and clicking the URL contained in the automatic reply message that he or she receives by e-mailed. To register for the trial conference room: http://www.MeetingPlaza.com/mousikomi/html. Please contact us by phone if you have any questions.

Phone hours: Monday to Friday, 10:00 to 12:00 am and 1:00 to 5:00 pm
Closed: Weekends, national holidays, year-end, and New Year holiday period

Download Forms (Application Form, Service Type Change Request, Service Termination Request)

Print, fill in and Fax.

Application Form for MeetingPlaza ASP

MS Word file (.doc)

PDF file (.pdf)

Service Type Change Request Form for MeetingPlaza ASP

MS Word file (.doc)

PDF file (.pdf)

Service Termination Request Form for MeetingPlaza ASP

MS Word file (.doc)

PDF file (.pdf)

Download Plug-Ins (Internet Explorer Plug-In, Firefox Plug-In)

Download and execute.

Internet Explorer Plug-In

MpInstaller.exe ( info )

How To Uninstall

Uninstall "MeetingPlaza 2D Version 6.1" or "MeetingPlaza Plug-In" with the Add Or Remove Programs tool in the Control Panel.